Going out on holidays, Automatic feeder to help you!

Automatic feeder

Going out on holidays, worried about being hungry at home? Automatic feeder to help you!

On holiday, you must plan a short trip early. Whenever this time, the most worrying thing is the pets staying at home. More and more people are more accustomed to leaving enough water and food for their pets at home to keep their own homes than to send them to a strange environment for foster care. In this environment, the "pet automatic feeder" is an essential small appliance, so today we will talk about how to choose a suitable feeder!

 Automatic feeder to help you!

Grain capacity

The amount of grain can be said to be an important factor in the purchase of the feeder: if the amount of grain is too small, it may not be able to feed the pet; but if the volume is too large, it is likely to cause food contamination or Waste, and the difficulty of cleaning will increase. With the variety and body type, the volume of food for pet feeders varies. Generally, a feeder of about 3 to 5 kilograms can guarantee a pet's food intake for at least four days. If it is more than four days, in a responsible attitude towards the pet, it should be sent to foster care instead of relying on the machine to feed.

 Automatic feeder to help you!

Appearance material

The appearance of the feeders on the market today is mainly divided into square and cylindrical. It is worth noting that dogs naturally like to bite round toys, so in order to prevent dogs from mistakenly thinking of the feeder as a toy, users should try to choose a square design feeder. At the same time, the feeder should choose a lower center of gravity, which can effectively prevent the pet from pushing the machine down. As for the material, the market is mostly FDA food grade or inedible grade ABS plastic. In the pet may have bitten the machine, so Xiaobian recommended to choose FDA food grade ABS plastic for the body of smart pet feeder.

 Automatic feeder to help you!


Many owners want to regularly provide food to their pets. In this case, the accuracy of the automatic feeder is critical. In general, young pets need to eat less and eat more meals, so they need to be biased towards a highly accurate feeder; adult pets are basically optional if they are not very biased. In general, accuracy control is acceptable within 10 grams of the top and bottom.

 Automatic feeder to help you!


The automatic feeder is a smart home appliance, and the key role of its associated app is unquestionable: some users want the feeder to have video function, so they can see the situation of the child at home at any time during the journey; some users I hope that I can provide food to my child at regular intervals; some users may even want the automatic feeder to automatically detect the status of the pets who come to feed to provide a certain amount of food. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to these when selecting.

These are some of the suggestions I gave when I picked the pet automatic feeder. So what do you think you need to pay attention to when choosing an automatic feeder? May wish to leave a message and enjoy your opinion with me.

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