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Weyking endeavor to become the penultimate manufacturer of the finest luxury handbags in the world who combine the philosophy of Asia with current international fashion.
Weyking present and advocate a superior life concept, presenting fashion and luxury services to you. Weyking has many years of management experience, and provides various services for brands and authorized dealers in various fields at home and abroad. It aims to provide more perfect and humanized service experience for more enthusiastic fashion trends and pursuit of quality.
Weyking's unique quality and charm..  Provides you with high-quality elements of life, carefully selected and meticulously meticulously for themost respected you.
Professional team Integrity and quality. We use the sincere service to bring you the most intimate experience.

Become a must-have addition to every woman’s wardrobe
This is the vision that drives us to today

      Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal


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Susan Ernst Buchanan

I don't even know much about handbags, but what I do know is what I love. It’s art meets function.

Nicole Mölders

I love this Weyking handbags. I can really recommend it to my best friends. If you are looking for a truly unique accessory, check out Weyking’s collection. Their handmade full-grain designer leather bags are pieces of art that will both accessorize and complement any outfit.

Hilda Smith

The intoxicating smell of the leather was obvious immediately on opening. I love the smell of leather. But it was the quality of the craftmanship and unique design which caught my attention.

Brenda Kinsel

I accessorized with this bag three times since I got it. Every time I donned this beauty I received tons of compliments!

Karen Brooks

WOW, I was flattered and impressed that this handbag brought so much attention to the start of my evening. It truly is a standout work of art.

Deborah Stinedurf

The craftsmanship is incredible; it’s truly a work of art and quite honestly the most beautiful bag that I own. Not only is the detailing beautiful, but also this is the most solidly constructed bag that I’ve ever owned.









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