Safety Face Shield, 5 Pack Reusable Goggle Shield Face Visor Transparent Anti-Fog Layer Protect Eyes from Splash

Safety Face Shield, 5 Pack Reusable Goggle Shield Face Visor Transparent Anti-Fog Layer Protect Eyes from Splash

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Wearable Safety Face Shield

When it comes to protection, only the face masks along cannot get the job done. Now you have that extra shield with the high tech, careful design visor to complete your protection against the pollution in the outside world. It can be worn at the same time with thin frame glasses because of the special designed spectacle.

Key Features:

1. Specific design to protect from saliva, droplet, and debris to the facial area.
2. Made of super clear transparent, anti-fog, PVC (polyvinyl chloride).
3. Covers from mid forehead all the way down to below the chin area.
4. The reusable visor can be easily wash with water or wipe with alcohol.
5. Fixed spectacle frames can be wear with thin frame glasses.

Package includes?

2 X Wearable Glasses Frames and 2 X Visors


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